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What We Do?

About Easy2Hike

Easy2Hike provides a unique platform to enhance outdoor adventures for nature park visitors. Our easy-to-use mobile-app enables more people to experience nature in an effortless way and enjoy the park offering to the fullest.

Park managers get advanced tools allowing them - for the first time - to gain insight into visitors' behavior. This allows them to create a new personalized experience, improve park management and increase revenues.

We are creating a new standard for outdoor experiences, so park visitors will get the same high quality and great experience in each park we operate in, no matter where they are in the world.

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Our Partners

To provide great value to the agencies we work with, we have partnered with Esri, the world's leading GIS Company.
We are proud to be recognized by them as an:

By combining Easy2Hike with Esri tools (such as ArcGIS), agencies can leverage their existing GIS data and expose useful information to visitors. Agencies keep using their usual data workflows and with a minimal, one-time effort they provide visitors with the most updated information.

Park Visitors

Maximize Visiting Experiences

With official information, coming from park managers, visitors can follow the best route, visit the must-see sites and never get lost again.

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Park Managers

Enrich The Offered Visiting Experience

Visitors' Behavior Analysis

Visitors' Behavior Analysis

Gain insight into your visitors' behavior

Data Driven Decisions

Data Driven Decisions

Improve park management based on data coming directly from your visitors



Create a unique and custom offering for each visitor segment

Dynamic Experience

Dynamic Experience

Manage your information and park status in real time and publish to visitors

Park Community

Connect with Visitors

Park Network

Grow your audience using our park network

Direct Link to Visitors

Communicate messages and publish events

Trail Reports from Visitors

Visitors report issues in your parks

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